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Doctor Who Earthshock Easter Egg, time: 0:59


Earthshock is the sixth serial of the 19th season of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four twice-weekly parts on BBC1 from 8 to 16 March This serial marks the final regular appearance of Matthew Waterhouse as Adric and his climactic death, Directed by: Peter Grimwade. Mar 08,  · Directed by Peter Grimwade. With Peter Davison, James Warwick, Clare Clifford, Janet Fielding. In , 8 Earth paleontologists and geologist were investigating a fossil find in a newly discovered case when 7 of them disappear. The only one who seems to have got out is Professor Kyle. She accompanies Lt. Scott and his troop of soldiers into the unmapped caves to see if they can find /10(). Nov 06,  · Adric meets his end at the hands of the cybermen. Taken from the episode "Earthshock." Welcome to the Doctor Who Channel! Travel in the TARDIS with clips dating back to the Doctor's first. Watch Doctor Who () - Season 19, Episode 21 - Earthshock, Part Three: Accused of murder, the Doctor must persuade the crew of an Earth freighter to change course — before the slumbering me.Explore Mimi Khan's board "Classic Doctor Who", followed by people on Pinterest. An Unearthly Child - Video Dailymotion . the Alzarian boy Adric from the beginning of Full Circle () through the end of Earthshock () in which Adric meets an honourable end. .. And Willy Wonka, er, I mean the doctor . Let's get this out of the way first: I haven't seen many classic Doctor Who I'm a short attention span Gen X-er coming to old Who after NuWho. 5th Doctor– Earthshock and The Five Doctors . Also, tardismedia has a huge amount of classic episodes available to watch for free. Doctor Who Magazine – Special Editions + Freeware easy to use Reader .. http :// .. ( 6B) – Earthshock . Using a totally non-random method I guess Earthshock .. Er. Just so you know, I' m relatively certain that guns were illegal Dailymotion has what seems to be all the First and Second Doctor stories, and part of the Third. The Invasion (Doctor Who) The Invasion is the partly missing third serial of the became their established form until Earthshock in called, er, the Invasion . Watch The Christmas Invasion - video dailymotion - Graig on dailymotion. We're talking about the Doctor Who Shorts, oddly enough this is one of .. closer round off the series nicely or are we left feeling a little, er, lost?.


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