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Vagrant box manually uninstall


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Vagrant box cannot be removed - remove command says it's not found even though list command lists it. thanks +1 upvote and accepted: issued vagrant box remove lucid32 virtualbox got: Removing box 'lucid32' with provider 'virtualbox'. Aug 29,  · The prune command will internally run vagrant box remove [box] which removes it from the vagrant repository of boxes. Normally you find those in ~/vagrant.d/boxes. If you mean removing them from your list of instances in VirtualBox you might have misunderstood the command. Vagrant remove one of many boxes with different versions. Ask Question 0. 1. vagrant box remove --box ubuntu/trusty64 -version vagrant: no version found in package ersion \Users\username\.vagrant.d\boxes. and manually deleting all the boxes. share | improve this answer. Hey, i want to delete a vagrant box, the problem is i have three boxes with the same name: code: vagrant box list hashicorp/precise32 (virtualbox. Apr 06,  · Completely uninstall VirtualBox and Vagrant and reinstall through brew - Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. tjbenton / Created Apr 6, This command removes a box from Vagrant that matches the given name. -- force - Forces removing the box even if an active Vagrant. Assuming you have only one box per provider, this command will delete ALL Vagrant boxes you currently have on your system: $ vagrant box. To discard old boxes listed in vagrant global-status (eg. you deleted the folder You might need to remove the Virtual Machine directly from your provider. vagrant box remove laravel/homestead --box-version= Box This data is cached and may not be completely up-to-date. To interact with. Hey, i want to delete a vagrant box, the problem is i have three boxes with the vagrant box remove laravel/homestead --box-version= What is the suggested method of completely uninstalling VVV from my computer I will need to uninstall both Vagrant and Oracle VM VirtualBox. Today I was fixing my Vagrant, which had the following error on every command thinking that would be safer than manually deleting items as per the docs [2] Removing the user data will remove all boxes, plugins, and any. vagrant box remove codekitchen/boot2docker The provi machine lists or where these machines are where I can manually delete them?. 1. I solved the problem by going to: C:\Users\username\.vagrant.d\boxes. and manually deleting all the boxes. share|improve this answer. "Vagrant cannot forward the specified ports on this VM, since they AFAIK, vagrant box remove just remove the boxes you downloaded or created using.


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